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I know there's a guide to do CR in this group, but for some ppls who not playing on KR server and new player were confused bout he guide it self. . wiht brute force mmmmm but, the funny thing is you have rachel too so basically THERE'S NO DEBUFF for BOTH TEAMs lol (if your unit got debuffed)
If you want to have a unique approach without relying too many special units, use Rychlost's alternate CR guide Check here to access the alternate CR guide . also, thanks for the thread my man, was literally just doing this when I though that it might pay to refresh before I posted it and I saw yours lol.
9 Nov 2017 You earn Castle Rush Credits based on the difficulty, and additional points based on your individual score on said difficulty. After server reset, each guild member gets a CR chest based on the guild's total score, which also awards 7k points (20 points for S-Rank Hard, 25 for S-Rank Hell). The guild also
Castle Rush Tips for Global/Asia Seven Knights (as of version 1.0.14). [ INTRO ]. Hi Guys, I'm just a fellow player with some tips for CR, since I'm pretty sure everyone here would love to score as much points so that their guild can earn daily S boxes. KR server 7K units are abit different, so their team setups
Castle RushTesting Out Hell CR (Friday) | Seven Knights ( submitted 1 month ago by Recreated the post, it's Friday today ffs lol sorry. This is just completely a test, not a foolproof or legit strategy for Hell CR, just wanted to share what I did with Hell CR. If only entries weren't limited it would be
Everyone needs a friend, especially in Seven Knights! If you are looking for . I know there's a guide to do CR in the Master Guide, but that hasn't been updated in ages and some newbies might be mislead. And with new heroes Shane My personal favorite unit to use in Castle Rush. Almost ALWAYS
Everyone needs a friend, especially in Seven Knights! If you are looking for friends to add for general reasons (Buddies to play with, Leader units to borrow, etc) or to fulfill your 1,000 point Friendship Quote, please use the /r/sevenknightsfriends sub. Looking for Raid Dragons? We all want to get stronger
30 Jun 2017 Hey guys. With recent changes to Castle Rush, how has the team/strategy changed for Hard mode? (note: one Seven Knight accompanied by Hard mode Chancellor and Aragon, for Hard mode, need confirmation); There will be a 5-minute time limit. The battle .. oh wait why did I say past 2 days LOL.
Everyone needs a friend, especially in Seven Knights! If you are looking for friends to add . This guide uses the 1-4 formation with the last character being your solo offensive unit. substitute heroes are provided in the . Rudy has a habbit to go for your debuffer first, lol XD. And for Kris better to have AoE
Cafe Naver Source of update patch, notice, event, and any other things related to Seven Knights. In KOREAN. Guild's Castle Rush Score Keeper Now you can take notes of your guildie score on Castle Rush. Castle Rush Guide by Skeletoonz More simple than the other one, imo the tl;dr version.