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Apr 22, 2017
May 21, 2017
May 21, 2017
Practical competition is open to all reputable persons without regard to occupation. The stage instructions are provided in the written stage briefing. 3.2.
The first instruction you'll be given by the Range Officer is this: “MAKE READY”. . D. Open Division: The “almost anything goes” division. Magazines up to
May 2, 2017 Open is the full “race gun” division in USPSA, and the one most people pouches can go anywhere on the belt and angled in any direction.
The next best thing to actually being at a competition is checking out the USPSA photo gallery online! Photos are being added regularly, and videos are coming
While this DVD focuses on the stages of the 2007 Open/L10 USPSA Nationals, the instruction and comments are general and of benefit to all shooters,
Nov 3, 2013 Think of these as “instruction manuals” - your “driver's test” is the USPSA . In fact, "Limited Class" (stock guns) has outstripped "Open Class"